These images are from a Sid & Nancy story, shot by the dutch photographer, Nancy Schoenmakers.

Sid & Nancy 1

Our ‘Nancy’ is a model called Franky who is at LA Models and is an English girl living out in California.

Sid & Nancy 2

The ‘Sid’ is our very own Johnny Anderson – the star of Camilla Arthur Casting’s Los Angeles roster.

Sid & Nancy 3

Aside from being the most handsome dude on the planet, Johnny is one of those amazing guys who can play EVERY SINGLE instrument on the planet to a professional standard, unlike Sid Vicious who couldn’t play anything.

Sid & Nancy 1

The story was shot out in the Arizona desert, in temperatures of well above 100 degrees. Consequently being asked to wear leather trousers was tantamount to a medieval torture!! The torturer in this case was up-and-coming fashion stylist, and another English ex-pat, Natalie Howell.

Sid & Nancy 5

Source: Stealer Magazine