For anyone who is thinking about trying their luck as a model, or has recently started modelling, here are a few tips from our fearless leader ~ Camilla Arthur

• It’s really important never to complain or make a fuss about working too hard – your wages will compensate for that and, on a shoot, there are always other people working just as hard as you who are earning only a percentage of your fee.

• Never be a prima donna, or believe me, your bookings will quickly drop off. You are NEVER so successful that turning up late will be tolerated. They might not say so at the time, but clients are never happy about paying overtime to an entire crew just because you decided to have a lie-in!

• I strongly recommend that you work on your moves! This is very important and practice really does make perfect. It’s a good idea to take dance classes, to help with your movement so that you don’t just stand there waiting for the photographer to tell you to try other poses – have a number of well-practiced shapes and moves.

• Finally, be aware of how short a model’s career often is and make the most of being around the people you are shooting with as the time will come when you need to consider your next career move. It makes sense to stick with the industry you know, so find out about positions in the magazines you work with or offer to help out the photographers, etc. Just be aware!

Taken from Camilla Arthur’s interview with Global Model Scouting which you can read in full here.